DDSS, Inc.
P.O. Box 5188
Colorado Springs, CO 80931
PH: 719-391-1756
Fax: 719-633-4690

It has been brought to my attention that on January 23 and 24, 2001 you, along with other Holiday Inn employees, assisted the Colorado Springs Police Department in the apprehension of the final two fugitives of the Texas 7. You were an integral part during this incident, which resulted in a successful conclusion. 

Lorne Kramer, Chief of Police, City of Colorado Springs Police Dept. 

Your people have always conducted themselves in a very professional manner. You should be proud of them.

Carolyn Strawser, Mgr. Long John Silver's 


We have had problems with other security companies in the past, but since DDSS has been with us we have had no complaints. Their services are worthwhile. 

The Summit Management 

They are very professional, punctual, and cooperative in every aspect of our needs. I recommend DDSS to anyone needing security services.

Pauline Ledford, Project Coordinator, Cabot, Cabot & Forbes 

Your security company has given us excellent service at the junior high school track meets, at Sertich Ice Arena, and junior high school track meets at Garry Berry Stadium. Thank you very much for your interest in assisting District Eleven with the athletic program.

Bob Walborn, Director of Athletics, Colorado Springs Public Schools

I have been working as the Security Administrator of the Hayman Fire and as such have had the pleasure of working with you and your security guards. I have found you and your personnel a pleasure to work with. You have been very cooperative and flexible as we have had to make changes in the security team configuration. This cooperation made my job much easier and I sincerely appreciate your involvement. 

Matthew Sexton, Forest Protection Officer, South Park Ranger Dist., Pike National Forest

I have enjoyed our working relationship and all the prompt assistance you have provided to me and for the residents here. Without your help, effective management of this property would have been impossible, and I thank you for your professionalism, timely responses and your understanding.

Cathy Perry, Prop. Mgr., Casa Adobe Apts., Axiom Property Management 

I would like to commend your entire company for it's outstanding service and professionalism that we have seen here at Matrix Logistics. You started this service with literally no notice, what-so-ever, and have reacted professionally with every policy we have implemented. 

Mike Harder, Security Mgr., Matrix Logistics 

Thank you for the outstanding job you are doing protecting both our business and our home. We would like to thank you for the courteous mannerisms that your security officers have displayed. You are to be congratulated and again, thank you.

Jim and Becky Eggleston, Owners, Valley Grown Printing 

I have used DDSS on two of the properties I've managed and have found them to be very helpful and professional. DDSS even organized and conducted a "Crime Prevention" meeting with my residents. I would certainly recommend them to other properties.

Faye Clarkson, Manager, Verde Meadow 

My vandalism is down 99% thanks to DDSS. I would recommend them to any complex or business. They do a very professional job.

Jane Deemie, Manager, Colony Hills Apts. 

We have found them to be very professional about their service. They have been punctual and very conscientious in their observations of our facility while making their rounds throughout the property.

Donn Calder, Managing Director, Calmet of Colorado 

We want to thank you and your staff at DDSS for the security service you provided. Your personnel were always on time, very professional and very courteous. The security officers went above and beyond our expectations. Your security service is the best we have ever used and tops our list.

John Oakes, Equip. & Facilities Engineering Mgr., Crystal Specialties International 

I am more than satisfied with the service they provide us. They more than meet the requirements of the contract that we have with them.

Deborah Nigro, Mgr., Tanager Meadows 

They have been professional and courteous in all situations. We are pleased to recommend them to anyone needing security.

Michael Heritage, GM, Hal King Development 

DDSS provided the night, weekends and holiday security for our building over the last several years. I was in charge for the last year of their contract. Over the course of that year I depended on DDSS staff to be my eyes and ears, and they prevented many security and building issues. The management staff were great at keeping the lines of communication open between us and quick to respond to our needs and concerns. They worked with me on issues that arose and on solutions to those issues. I would certainly recommend and use their services again if given the opportunity.

Barbara J. Henderson 
Colorado Department of Corrections
Office of the Inspector General

Currently, as a peace officer, in and for the county of El Paso I would recommend DDSS to any potential client. 

Don Allison, El Paso County Sherrif's Dept. 

I would highly recommend DDSS to anyone who is wanting a thorough, prompt, efficient security service. 

Terri Finch, Prop. Mgr., Altamira Apts. 

Thanks for the Incident Reports and keep up the good work. 

David McCarty, Security Motors